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Marie Mons spent three winter months in a small village in the eastern fjords of Iceland, where she became Aurore. She embodied her character allowing surprise to play a large part, evoking the winter, its polar nights and the rhythm that it induces through a great shamanic ritual resembling a monodrama. For this mysterious fairytale to become real, the inhabitants of Seyðisfjörður became the actors in this experimental theatre, reflecting her invented or real mental projections.

Marie Mons a passé trois mois d’hiver dans un petit village des fjords de l’est de Islande où elle est devenue Aurore Colbert. Parlant de l’hiver et ses nuits polaires, du rythme qu’il induit au travers d’un grand rituel chamanique, elle incarne son personnage en laissant toujours la part belle à la surprise. À la manière d’un monodrame, les habitants de Seyðisfjörður sont devenus les acteurs de ce théâtre d’expérimentation, traduisant ainsi ses projections mentales, inventées ou réelles.

Exhibition view during the Encounters of Young International Photography, CACP Villa Pérochon, Niort, France, 2017. Variable dimensions.

Aurore Colbert, 2016
Fine art prints, 105 x 70cm.

Exhibition and performance at Thanks Gallery, Pôle Muséal Mons, Belgium, 2017.

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